City of Long Beach

Long Beach City Officials

The City of Long Beach, California is a municipal corporation formed in 1897. Long Beach uses the Council-Manager form of government. There are nine elected council members elected by the constituents of their district and a citywide elected mayor. In addition, there is an elected city attorney, a city prosecutor and a city auditor. Each elected official is elected for a term of four years. Council members representing the odd-numbered districts, the mayor and other city-wide officials are elected at the same time. Even-numbered districts are elected in a four year cycle two years after the city-wide elections.

The mayor and city council, the legislative branch of city government, are responsible for appointing two officials, the city manager and the city clerk. The legislative branch also appoints members of the charter mandated commissions and all other commissions and committees.

Visit the individual pages of each official and learn more about your city government.

Who is my council member?

The Long Beach City Council is comprised of 9 council districts. Each council member is elected by the voters of the district that they represent. There are several methods to determine who represents your interests in your home or business.

Business Licenses

The Business License Division is responsible for the licensing and permitting of all businesses in the City of Long Beach, the collection of business tax, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) for hotels, alarm permits, garage/yard sale permits, and other miscellaneous permits and fees. Business License also facilitates the entertainment permit process for City Council hearings, revocations, suspensions, and appeal hearings. This division serves customers and residents over the counter, telephone, email and through field investigations.

We believe all dwellings in our city should be safe for residents to live, work and play. To that end, our team of more than 65 building safety experts works behind the scenes to ensure compliance with state and local building codes while assisting developers with all new projects to meet our strict safety standards.

Last year, Building staff:

  • Provided more than 87,000 residential and commercial inspections to the public.
  • Over 96% of these inspections were provided within 24-hours of being requested.
  • Assisted more 73,000 customers at our Development Services counter.
  • Issued more than 12,000 Permits:
    • More than 6,800 Building Permits.
    • More than 2,500 Electrical Permits.
    • More than 1,800 Plumbing Permits.
    • More than 1,244 Mechanical Permits.

Building staff is involved in all aspects of new construction, ensuring structural soundness of buildings, reliability of fire prevention and suppression systems, plumbing and mechanical systems, and keeping an eye on our future with energy efficiency and sustainability guidelines for new growth.



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